AptLok is simplifing the communication and coordination between:

Association / Community Mgmt. Residents (Owners / Tenants). Security / Gate / Visitors Staff & Rentals and Property Mgmt.

AptLok, the most powerful community platform
for your Community Management.
Get ahead with our advanced apps and solutions, revolutionizing tasks for ease and enjoyment.
From streamlining processes to enhancing efficiency, we empower you to achieve more.
Associations / Communities

Associations/Committees can centrally manage various activities transparently, including handling dues, complaints, circulars, domestic help, security, and more.

Contact us to learn more about finance, security, and joyful community management.

Owners & Tenants

Re-Defining a stress-free lifestyle by automating routine tasks such as maintenance expenses, visitor and staff management, and community events, all in a organized and clutter-free format.

Reach out to us to meet your rental and property management needs.

Rentals & RealEstate

Finding tenants or rentals should not be hard. We've made it easy with just one click. Our teams will help fill your properties, and share the benefits with your association.

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AptLok serves as a connection between vendors and residents, bringing the best deals and services to you. Our motto is collective bargaining, passing on the benefits to residents.

Advertisers with great offerings are encouraged to reach out to us.

A comprehensive AptLok solution for your community needs.

In many communities, management relies solely on volunteers. Balancing work or personal commitments may restrict time for community involvement. To meet the demands of association/society commitments, efficient tools are essential.
AptLok, provided various features, which will simplify your day-to-day tasks: Ex. Resident Management, Due reminders and collected statement, circulars and complaint management, Visitor reports, staff management, etc.,

Residents (Owners and Residents) will have specific needs in the community.
AptLok, Owners & Tenant features: Ex. Upcoming / Pending Dues, Circulars, Complaint management, Security Visitor management, personal staff management, etc., and Personal grooming (NariLok), and flat maintenance / Repairs (ServLok).

Security is the key concern for the residents.We have addressed multiple threats, and will add more in future.
AptLok, Security: Ex. Night Security Alert System, Notification based Visitor / Staff Management, Resident Identification, etc.,

We offer property management services, especially, Rentals and Property Buying and Selling Activities. All this will happen in a click of a button. Our well experienced excutives will work with you to fulfill your needs.
Identifying Rental properties / helping the Owners to find the Tenants, Selling properties, and Property Management services.

Customizable, flexible and impactful

Communities - like nature are unique and evolve constantly. Embrace the unparalled depth and flexibility of AptLok, making it your perfect ally for the present and future. You'll never get stuck.

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Aptlok is a all-in-one Community Management Platform for a happy and peaceful community living.

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